Ali Hughes
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Lyrics & Music by Alastair Hughes
Album: Who Cares Anymore?


The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. (Albert Einstein)

albert einstein quotes 3
I can see the way – the wind blows
I can see it blows for you
Way down south there in Africa
That's where the change is overdue..

Repressive government of the trance nationals
Grinding down the people to keep the profits high
One law for the rich – another for the rest of us
My way of thinking that can't be right

Afr-af rica
Afr-af rica
Afr-af rica
Cry freedom

I can hear the children crying
Walking bare foot and hunger threw the land
While the bosses burn and burry food here
Just to keep the market price's high

The good farming land is kept for the rich
While the poor work in the desert heat
Make you grow tea, coffee and tobacco
Instead of the food you need to eat.

Afr-af rica
Afr-af rica
Afr-af rica
Cry freedom

Keep what wealthy you can -for the army
The rest Goss on interest to the banks
You'll get no tax from the trance nationals
It's always the working people who have to pay

I can hear the sound of howling voices
From the factories, shanty towns and pits
When they don't need you for working
Shut you out and hope you'll disappear

Afr-af rica
Afr-af rica
Afr-af rica
Cry freedom

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