Marching Through the Promised Land

T Fredric Jones
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by T Fredric Jones
Album: Tanked Up Again
boycott israel

UN Resolution 242. Israel. Palestine. Occupation. Genocide. Apartheid.


Waking up to the fact that, as an American, I've been systematically brainswashed by the captive media to believe that the land-hungry Israelis deserve a special dispensation vis-à-vis the Holocaust.
Marching through the Promised Land
Heading for our Judgment Day
When we shall be free
When we shall have our way..
Then we'll praise our God
Our God is our own
Our God is a rock
He's there for us alone..

And we have waited so long
For what is rightly our own
2000 years
Long enough to atone
Since Pharaoh's plagues
And the Romans fell
Until this land is ours
There'll be a reign of hell.

We're "going to break your bones"
We're going to chop down your trees
We're going to settle on your lands
And make your families bleed
Our God is great
And your God is so weak
Our God gave us powers
To make your people weep..

We've got nuclear bombs
Buried deep in our sands
We've got nuclear death
To rain down on your lands..
One million to one
That's the price that you'll pay
If you step in our path:
It's Armageddon day.

Marching through the Promised Land...

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