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Segnalata da Sbancor sulla mailing list Rekombinant il 14 agosto 2006.
Nota: Riportiamo qui di seguito la traduzione italiana della dichiarazione di Patti Smith con cui ha accompagnato la canzone. Il nostro sito è un sito di canzoni antimilitariste, ed ovviamente accoglie per natura questa canzone sull'orribile massacro di Cana dello scorso 29 luglio. Con questo, non vogliamo dimenticare che, seppure in numero infinitamente minore che in Libano, vi sono state delle vittime civili anche in Israele dovute al lancio dei missili Katiuscia da parte di Hezbollah. E, come Boris Vian scriveva a proposito del Disertore, noi siamo "violentemente pro-civili". Non una vittima civile per la follia e per le manovre dei generali e dei signori della guerra di ogni paese, di ogni fazione, di ogni partito, di ogni governo. Con il cessate il fuoco di oggi 14 agosto, la guerra si è conclusa, o perlomeno momentaneamente arrestata, con nessun vincitore né vinto. Gli unici veri sconfitti sono, as usual, le centinaia di vittime civili, i profughi e gli sfollati di entrambi i paesi, la popolazione inerme. Così nessuno può più andare avanti. Nessuno. E tra barbe e generali, tra razzi e carri armati, noi scegliamo di stare dalla parte dei bambini di Qana, della gente di Beirut e di Haifa, di tutti coloro che pagano con la vita, innocenti, per la stupida e criminale follia dei loro caporioni. [RV]

qm Patti Smith's new song on the massacre of Qana, Lebanon, by the Israeli Air Force (July 29, 2006).

La pratica di Israele della punizione collettiva è un crimine di guerra per Convenzione di Ginevra; perché è stato permesso loro di farlo? Perchè permettiamo che lo facciano? Noi mandiamo ogni anno ad Israele 4 miliardi di dollari in aiuti ed armi; stiamo pagando noi per questa devastazione; la morte di bambini, il paese in rovina; Bush ha rifiutato di imporre una tregua ed ora ci capita questa strage di Cana sulla testa; Cana è considerata da alcuni il luogo del primo miracolo di Gesù dove trasformò l'acqua in vino; non c'è più vino a scorrere a Cana, solo sangue, sangue.
Patti Smith
12 agosto 2006


July 17, 2006

Dear President Bush:

You have been a weak president, despite your strutting and barking, when it comes to doing the right things for the American people within the Constitution and its rule of law. This trait is now in bold relief over the Israeli government's escalating war crimes pulverizing the defenseless people and country of Lebanon.

With systematic efficiency, the Israeli government has already destroyed innocent homes and basic public facilities--ports, airports, highways, bridges, power stations--which are critical to delivery of food, medicines, health care, ambulances, water and other essentials for a civilian population. This bombardment, by U.S. made bombers, military vehicles, ships and missiles with American taxpayer subsidies, places an inescapable responsibility upon your shoulders which does not mix with your usual vacuous messianic rigidity.

As the leading player in official Washington's puppet show, it is time for you to assert the interests of the American people and those of the broad Israeli and Palestinian peace movements, by standing up to the puppeteers. For without this conflict, Hezbollah would not be in today's news.

The time has come for you to return to Texas for a private meeting with your father, his former national security advisor, Brent Scowcroft and his former Secretary of State, James Baker. You need to say to them 'I can't trust my advisors anymore; there have been so many tragic blunders. What do you advise me to do about the destruction of a friendly nation by the world's fifth most powerful military?'

Here is what I think they should say to you:

1. Take personal command of an immediate rescue effort for the tens of thousands of Americans trapped in Lebanon by Israel's calculated blocking of air, land and sea escape routes. You've said the safety of Americans is your top priority. Prove it by using the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy facilities to immediately evacuate all our people desperate to escape the terrorization of Lebanon.

2. You have been so docile and permissive to Israeli demands that any modest deviation from this posture will make your next move credible. Announce that you are sending two prominent negotiators--perhaps James Baker (Republican) and former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (Democrat) to Israel and Lebanon to arrange for a cease fire between the combatants.

Announced at a televised White House news conference with your two envoys, you can punctuate your seriousness by raising the questions of violations of the Arms Export Control Act and the Foreign Assistance Act. Using U.S. supplied weapon systems to commit civilian atrocities on homes and fleeing vehicles with children and to inflict collective punishment on mass civilian populations are not using these weapons for legitimate self-defense and internal policing, as our federal law requires. Israeli planes have even fire-bombed wheat silos and gasoline stations in Lebanon. More mayhem is on the way.

3. Stop acting like an impulsive, out-of-control West Texas Sheriff and start reading, thinking and listening for a change. When Israel, Britain and France violated international treaties against aggression in 1956, and invaded the Suez Canal, President Dwight Eisenhower used his influence to make them withdraw from Egypt.

In 1982, following a year without any PLO skirmishes over the Lebanese-Israeli border, Israeli armed forces invaded Lebanon anyway. They created a path of destruction all the way to Beirut and militarily occupied south Lebanon for 18 years before they withdrew, except for retaining Shebaa Farms. In 1982, the New York Times reported "indiscriminate bombing" of Beirut by Israeli planes. At least 20,000 Lebanese civilians lost their lives in that invasion and many more were injured. From that conflict Hezbollah was born, composed of many people whose relatives were casualties in that illegal invasion.

History, George, does not start two weeks or two months ago. You must read about past U.S. Presidents who, at least, sent high-level emissaries to quell similar border fighting. It worked and prisoners were often exchanged.

You are doing and saying nothing about what the rest of the world believes is a hugely disproportionate attack against innocent adults and children in violation of the Geneva Conventions, the UN Charter and other treaties and federal statutes. You've sworn to uphold these laws. Do so. Because of the Israeli government's overwhelming military power, the imbalance of terror against civilians and their property has always been to its advantage. As has its occupation of Palestine and confiscation of land and water sources.

4. You can't take sides and be an honest broker. Just about all our knowledgeable retired military, diplomatic and intelligence officials believe resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the key to deflating other agitations in the region. Freedom and justice for the Palestinian state and security and stability for the Israeli state must both be achieved.

You have turned your back on the courageous and prominent Israeli peace movement which normally reflects the positions of half of the Israeli population. You've never met with any of its leaders - even those in the Knesset or former officials in the military, intelligence and Justice Ministries. Hundreds of reserve combat officers and soldiers of the IDF have refused, in their words, "to fight beyond the 1967 borders to dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire population." They pledged only to fight for Israel's legitimate defense. (

5. Once in a while, ask your aides for a sample of Israeli opinion that rejects the notion that there can be a military solution to this conflict, despite the military imbalance. For example, reports and editorials in Haaretz, arguably the most respected newspaper in Israel, would educate your judgment. In a recent editorial, Haaretz argued that the present Israeli government has "lost its reason" through the brutal incarceration, devastation and deprivation of innocent people in Gaza.

In another Haaretz commentary dated July 16th, Gideon Levy writes:

In Gaza, a soldier is abducted from the army of a state that frequently abducts civilians from their homes and locks them up for years without a trial - but only we're allowed to do that. And only we're allowed to bomb civilian population centers.

6. One final bit of advice could come from Papa Bush's circle. If the Israeli army decides to invade Lebanon with troops, your support of the aggression can possibly unleash a domino of warring actions and reactions over there. As is it, Americans are increasingly fed up with the Iraq quagmire.

Moreover, we know they don't like many of your domestic policies favoring the wealthy, the post-Katrina debacle, exporting jobs, and among our conservative base, your enormous deficits. So our Republican Party's control of government is at stake in November. Don't you have your hands full with Iraq whose invasion we all urged you to avoid in 2003?

from Patti Smith News
There's no one
in the village
not a human
nor a stone
there's no one
in the village
children are gone
and a mother rocks
herself to sleep
let it come down
let her weep

the dead lay in strange shapes

Some stay buried
others crawl free
baby didn't make it
screaming debris
and a mother rocks
herself to sleep
let it come down
let her weep

the dead lay in strange shapes

Limp little dolls
caked in mud
small, small hands
found in the road
their talking about
war aims
what a phrase
bombs that fall
American made
the new Middle East
the Rice woman squeaks

the dead lay in strange shapes

little bodies
little bodies
tied head and feet
wrapped in plastic
laid out in the street
the new Middle East
the Rice woman squeaks

the dead lay in strange shapes

Water to wine
wine to blood
ahh Qana
the miracle
is love.

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 14/8/2006 - 17:12

Lingua: Italiano

Versione italiana di Riccardo Venturi
14 agosto 2006

Non c’è nessuno
nel villaggio
né un essere umano
né una pietra
non c’è nessuno
nel villaggio
i bambini sono partiti
e una madre si dondola
per addormentarsi
fate crollare tutto
fatela piangere

i morti giacevano in strane forme

Alcuni sono sepolti
altri strisciano all’aperto
non le ha fatte un bambino
le macerie urlanti
e una madre si dondola
per addormentarsi
fate crollare tutto
fatela piangere

i morti giacevano in strane forme

Bamboline afflosciate
incrostate nel fango
piccole, piccole mani
trovate nella strada
e le loro chiacchiere
bersagli di guerra
che bella frase
bombe che cadono
gli americani hanno creato
il nuovo Medio Oriente
e quella lì, la Rice, starnazza

i morti giacevano in strane forme

piccoli corpi
piccoli corpi
legati mani e piedi
avvolti nella plastica
disposti per strada
il nuovo Medio Oriente
quella lì, la Rice, starnazza

i morti giacevano in strane forme

Acqua in vino
vino in sangue
ah, Qana,
il miracolo
è l’amore.

14/8/2006 - 17:45

And the mad circus goes on and on
making orphans, widows
making money for the already too rich
money serving to re-elect sad clowns
who in turn serves money
the almighty God
and their priests

26/3/2018 - 18:49

Sbancor, Franco Lattanzi. Grande esempio di schizofrenica incoerenza.

sergio falcone - 30/7/2019 - 20:04

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