Burning Bush

Seize The Day
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Child of the Universe
(Seize The Day)
Another Bush Bites The Dust
(Our Earth Music)

Album:The tide is turning

theTideIsTurning large
My fellow Americans...

I was governing the world from the 14th tee
When I first got a briefin on the tragedy
Rummy shrugs `Shit happens I guess
What`s one Louisianan more or less?`
So I weren`t in a hurry to launch no boats
`save some poor nigger democrat vote,
But Jeb says `Junior, better help your pals
Save Our Sinkin Shopping Malls,
You Gotta Shoot the looters in the shopping malls!`

So I put on a show for the TV Screen
But the Liberal lynchmob treat me mean,
Said I fiddled while the twin towers fell,
Now I`ve gone and lost a whole city as well!
Well I remember Billy Clinton`s crew
House of cards when Monica blew!
I got Katrina lickin my toes...
And the polls going down as the waters rose!
Yeah I`m taking a dive as the waters rose!

So I called the governor of old England,
`said, `This ain`t no bombing that the boys had planned,
I dunno who dunnit, but if I can
I wanna blame those Ayatollahs in Iran!
Deputy Tony says `Whoah there George!
I`d like to join the posse but I`m not so sure...
Satellites telling me something odd
Sayin` that Katrina was an act of God,
Yeah ‘s telling me the hurricane came from God

So I went to the pastor of my church
I say ` Why does the Lord make the christians hurt?`
Pastor says `Let Justice rain!
The Lord`s just flushing out a sewer drain!
`Good christian folk don`t feel remorse
If the God of Love kills fags and whores`
I said `Gommorrah can go to hell...
But why d`he have to hit my oil wells?`
Said, `Why d`he have to hit the oil as well?`

`I`ve been beatin` up Allah for him in Iraq
when The Lord come sneakin behind my back,
With a hurricane, drought and a twister too,
Like he don`t give a damn about me and you!`
Pastor says, `Now brother, don`t you cuss!
`The ways of the Lord are mysterious.`
I said, `Well it ain`t no mystery
What happens to the powers that mess with me!
Lord gonna wish he never messed with me...`

So I told my team at the Pentagon
`We`re gonna take Jehova on!`
They said `How we gonna do it Mr President,
When He`s omnipresent and omnipotent?`
`Well He can run, but He can`t hide
if we`ve got all His enemies on our side.
Get Allah on the phone and tell the media
We wanna coalition with Al Qaeda...

He may be allseeing but I don`t care
We got eyeinthesky cams everywhere,
He`s layin low in some church no doubt
Bring on the hellfire smoke him out!
(Watch out Watch out, there`s a Bible about...)

In the BibleBelt where the Donkeys nod
I was hot on the trail of JehovaGod
At a Gasolinestop, Route 62,
A longhaired hippy says `Can I help you?`
He was fillin`me up when I recognised
The sandals, beard and the Woodstock eyes
I said, `Tell me where Jehova`s been
Or you gonna die for your daddy`s sin yeah,
We gonna crucify you again...`

Round up the followers of JC
Set the boys in Guantanamo free
Mohammed is welcome on America`s soil
Cos he kills less people and he`s got more oil!

There were 15 swat teams with us that day
Ready to blow his halo away.
He just smiled real peacably
`This ain`t no act of my daddy or me
Atmosphere is a bubbling stew
Boiling over with the CO2
The only Spirit that you need to fear`s
Petroli Spirit that you`re burning here
And every drop brings apocalypse nearer

Who took the carbon out of the ground?
Lit the fire and drove it round?
You didn`t wanna keep Kyoto
Reap the whirlwind that you sow!
(And would you like a coffee to go?)

Sorry son, but you`ve cooked your goose
This revelation`s not much use.
You wanna fight with the leading primate
Playing Poker with the climate I`m it!
I blame my maker, you blame me,
Make me my own enemy
I`ve got intelligence overload,
And I think my brain`s about to explode...

Allah I`m coming and I know how
Got my finger on the button of apocalypse now
Please forgive me if you can,
Mr.President George W. Islam,
A suicide atomicbombin Taliban,
Burning Bush is what I am
Mr President George W. Islam!
The suicide atomicbombin Tali BANG!

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