The George W. Bush Blues

Lingua: Inglese

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I got the George W. Bush far out right wing blues
I get paranoid visions every-time i surf the news
I'm in left wing limbo cause the right wing breaks all my rules

I got the George W. Bush neo-neanderthal blues
I've been politically corrected
I thought i had payed my dues
But the right wing agenda is a crime without a clue

I got the George W. Bush
John Wayne, video game blues
Every redneck loves his gun
When it's bigger it's more fun
Unless you're red or black or jew or palestinian
Wet backs out there in the night
Every cowboy's duty and his right to take a cruise

I got the George W. Bush woman hating, red baiting blues
The planet bashing, instant cashing
Wall building, door crashing blues
I'm gonna head for the hills, hang out with God and run around nude

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