Forever Palestine

Sami Yusuf
Lingua: Inglese

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فارس عودة
(Rim Banna / ريم بنا‎,)
(Sami Yusuf)
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Album :Without You

Sami Yusuf - Without You 2009 Album Cover
Mother don't cry for me I am heading off to war
God almighty is my armour and sword
Palestine, Forever Palestine

Children being killed for throwing stones in the sky
They say to their parents don't worry, God is on our side
Palestine, Forever Palestine
Mother don't worry when they come for us at night
Surely they'll be sorry when God puts them right
Tell me why they're doing what was done to them
Don't they know that God is with the oppressed and needy
Perished were the nations that ruled through tyranny
Palestine, Forever Palestine

Children of Palestine are fighting for their lives
They say to their parents we know that Palestine is our right
They to say to their parents well fight for what is right
They say not to worry God is on our side
They say well die for Palestine
Palestine, Forever Palestine
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