Bells Of War '03

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Lyrics and music by Dreas
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"I wrote and recorded this on the night of March 19, 2003" -Dreas.
I'm writing this
right before the war begins
it's 10:00pm, i spoke too soon
it's 10:15,
and here come the goons on a TV screen
peace is doomed, or at least it seems
by coalition means
the ends are never justified,
Machiavelli lied
can you justify the loss of innocent lives?
live! from the oval office,
off with his head-ing for a coffin
cause hard luck softens fears
of chemical tea parties in boston
but what about the 'go'?
we ain't felt one blow
from the so called war on terror
i hate to be the bearer of bad news,
but Bombs Over Baghdad came true for junior
sadaam wanted to debate
but we'd rather bomb sooner
than discuss with our fellow me
crude tactics from a yellow-bellied texan,
flowing f o u n t a i n s of reason
so bump this track or call me out for treason
i believe what i believe in...
and i'd be leaving this country
if it weren't for some things
worth fighting fo(u)r score
and 7 years of fear
but it's the potential that keeps me here,
the land of oppurtunity-
targets foreign markets
now my fellow citizens,
watch as civilians pay the price for freedom.
the unbalanced axis of evil
will lead 'em and bleed 'em down
for their resources which forces dependency
on the US presidentC-notes with quotes-
like 'may god bless'
'we made this mess'
now let's clean up our act(IRAQ)
to find out who's next on the war on terrorism checklist,
it's getting reckless
so change the name to operation iraqi freedom
as the media continues to feed 'em
what's already been chewed, like ABC-NN-
I seeC-BS news with every button i press.
clues, but no answers to(two) reporters,
live on the kuwaiti border
make no sense.

there's a fine line between ignorance and bliss, i see it. it makes me sick.

so from this day forth
and for eternity to come,
conflict creates conflict
with nowhere to run.
until the second coming of god, son
remember dubya is not one
even if you don't got one (measely)
dollar, holla' at your forefathers
to redistribute power to all the people
the ruling system
must reflect our decisions like prisms
while i spark the is(izm)america free?

power to the people, power to me.

not in my name dunny.


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