Behind That Gate

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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[November 2002]
Lyrics and music by David Rovics
Testo e musica di David Rovics
Da/From "WWJB"
David Rovics' Official Website

"Another SOA-related song, which I wrote the morning of the 2002 protest at the gate to Fort Benning. The irony of the situation was stated most eloquently over breakfast to me by Bruce Gagnon -- that the cops would be searching peaceful protesters for hidden weapons outside of the world's biggest terrorist training camp." - David Rovics.
The judge condescended to the people
Said you peaceful protesters are deceptive
And to the ideas of the terrorists
I know you are receptive
So we've got to throw away the Fourth Amendment
Keep those protesters on the run
'Cause we found sandwich wrappers
Next we might just find a gun

We're here at Fort Benning
Please excuse me when I state
That if you're looking here for weapons
You'll find them behind that gate
If you're looking here for weapons
You'll find them behind that gate

But you say some of them are anarchists
They are wearing black
While you're loading up the warplanes
To go attack Iraq
And we're getting searched here by your wands
As we stand for human rights
Outside a terrorist training camp
Just within your sniper rifle sights


Yes it's a strange situation
But it could certainly get stranger
Now you're looking over here
For a sign of danger
'Cause people here are conspiring to trespass
Yeah, you know what you saw
So you think that leaves you no alternative
But to declare martial law

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