Don't Sleep at the Palestine Hotel

Paul Henry Dallaire
Lingua: Inglese

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 Paul Henry Dallaire

This song dedicated to Taras Protsyuk and Jose Couso killed by an American tank shell while staying there at the Palestine Hotel, they worked for Telecinco of Spanish television.
Also to front and help escalate the release of Omar Khadr now being held in Guantanamo Bay prison. Bring him back to Canada so we can re-socialize him. The Americans can't even prove he's guilty. There's a great tort being done here.
A young man eager young and strong
For Adventure joined the army
And like his dad who'd fought the Viet Cong
He would fight the Iraqis

My country right or wrong he said
And like a young John Wayne off he'd go
The Cavalry and bugle calls
A picture perfect Hollywood

Don't sleep at the Palestine Hotel
For there are friends there that will kill you
And Agent Orange Vietnam
Make me sing this song of blue

In april year two thousand two
Near Kandahar AFghanistan
Four young Canadians killed by friendly fire
Shed their blood in the dessert sand

You'd be proud about the preacher said mom
And now there shipping me back home
Eight buddy's of mine will carry me
In a casket cold as stone

In the old days it was just the same
Chief Sitting bull was on the roster
Rich man's war poor man's blood
When will humans ever learn

21/1/2013 - 22:38

Lingua: Inglese

This should be the third verse
Aladdin and his magic lamp
Ali Baba and his forty thieves
Children stories told throughout the world
since nine eleven take new meaning

inviata da Paul Henry Dallaire - 14/8/2014 - 20:08

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