I Am a Feminist

Glad Judy
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Glad Judy
Album: Live at the Kasa Sutra (EP)
 Glad Judy

From the Live at the Kasa Sutra EP, Taylor and I were trying to find a song to include on the Land Salmon Vol. II (a compilation of incredible Bellingham musicians), and just recorded a short EP instead.
I Am A Feminist represents all that is Glad Judy. Feminism! Improvisation. Long notes. Rhyming!
Also, ending issues of gender-motivated violence, patriarchy and its meaner, older sibling kyriarchy, hate and self-doubt, are not just up to me. It's up to all of us.
Well, I
I am a feminist
Who believes in feminism

And so I, I am a feminist
And I don't wanna hear you talk about
Your jism.

Well, I
I am a feminist
And I can drink you
Under the table

And if you don't,
Don't think I'm able
Well then that means
that you are not a feminist

Well, I
I am a feminist
Who believes in
Smashing Patriarchy

And as such, I am a feminist..
Yeah, gender oppression
is malarky and I don't
Want anything to do with
It in our society
But it's not up to me..

Well, I
I am a feminist Yeah

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