Slave of God

Revolted Masses
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Revolted Masses Demo 2009
Revolted Masses

Track 2, from Revolted Masses first, self-titled demo (2009)
Pray to the monarch of your soul
Is your life enlightened enough?
Eat your "bread", drink your "wine"
and thank your god for your life

Father, the son and the holy crap
opiate the masses
Popes, priests and patriarchs
Leaders of lambs and sinners
Christ's agents teach their lies
Lies of "wisdom", eternal lies..

Here is my desire
It's eternal light

And God created Earth
God created light
God created night
Thy will be done!

And God created
all the beasts
God created man
Thy will be done!

And Lord created hate
Lord created war
Lord created wrath
Thy will be done!

And Lord created kings
Lord created slaves
Lord created guns
Thy will be done!

God = Fear
Death = Fear
God's slave
Pathetic slave

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