Murder at the G-8 Summit

Behind Enemy Lines
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Know Your Enemy enemy

Death of Carlo Giuliani.

The Carabiniere's firearm can be seen in the top right of the left-hand photograph. In between these photos, a shot has been fired to Giuliani.
Shots fired by hired thugs
Public servants don't murder and maim
Hiding behind their double standards
targeting the victim with bullets and blame..
Providing a wall of defense for dictators and tyrants
Shielding them from accountability, concern and complaints
Showing zero tolerance and lacking restraint
Combating defiance with violence
All while they decide our fates
Create a story from an impartial and reliable source
One that sanctions and justifies force
And allows those responsible to parade their remorse
While the corpse is further desecrated
Another terror tactic the police implement
Resentment shown to those who oppose and hold this whole charade in contempt

When police over reaction is caught by the cameras
The world watches to see what happens next
The politicians protect and defend those responsible
For needlessly gunning down or beating a person to death
This gross abuse of power sets the example for violence
And rejects the ideals of tolerance and respect
So will their continuing assaults result in more violence?
What else could they possibly expect?

Now that they've set the precedence
For brutality towards activists and excusing police actions
All other cities can increase their efforts
To stifle the message and stamp out reaction
What happened to our right to assemble?
This resembles the tactics the fascists enacted
To insure that no one listens while they lock us in prisons
And everyone's civil and human rights are retracted !

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