Bleeding to Death

Heaven Shall Burn
Lingua: Inglese

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(Heaven Shall Burn)
(Heaven Shall Burn)

Lyrics & Music by Maik Weichert
Album: Antigone


Bleeding to Death deals with the economic and social problems in the former East Germany, from where the band originates..
Deceived of all your dreams
Betrayed by all your leaders
This shall no place to be
This, a dead-end future

Take a walk..
Take a walk through grey,
Concrete deserts..

Apathetic faces,
Empty eyes
The only thing -you will see

A whole country bleeding to death
One big illusion - bleeding to death

No young
hands to built it up..
Cities fall - to ruin
Just old men left to mourn..
Four decades of a life denied
Abused good will to exploit us!

Brothers turned to victors
Fooled by ancient propaganda
A bottle - your illusion
Your home just like a colony..

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