We Are the Working Class

Mike Stout
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by C. Michael Stout
Album: Soldiers of Solidarity [2006]
Soldiers of Solidarity

Inside the factories, out in the streets,
Every place where the working heart beats;
Together and each:
- We are the working class

At the machines, out in the fields,
Down in the mines, serving the meals;
Behind the wheels:
- We Are The Working Class [x2]

Putting out the fires, dyin' in their wars,
Slavin' in the Sweat shops and scrubbing the floors;
Doing the dirty chores:
- We Are The Working Class [x2]

We got the numbers, we got the clout,
We've got the power to straighten this mess out.
All we need is each other, my friend.
Let's start talking, stop all the balking,
Get our movement rocking again !

Down in the trenches, in the middle of the fights
For human justice and civil rights;
Out of the spotlights:
- We Are The Working Class

With our brains and muscle, blood, sweat and tears
We made and built everything here.
Year after year:
- We Are The Working Class [x2]

We get no prize; we're never recognized;
Are names are unknown and never memorized.
We're just the millions of ordinary I's
The hard-working caste, the critical mass,
The International Working Class !

Every color, language and creed,
Men and women of every nationality,
Them and you and me:
- We Are The Working Class [x6]

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