So You Want to Be an Indian

Marty Stuart
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Badlands - Ballads of the Lakota

So you want to be an Indian, an original American
Ride a horse, wild and free, put war paint on your skin
You think my life's a story, like a movie on TV
But if you want a taste of Hell on earth,
Come hang around with me

So you want to be an Indian, out where the buffalo roam
A peaceful place on planet earth, that you can call your home
Where streams of crystal waters, once flowed with red man's pride
But they've disappeared like forgotten dreams
That have gone away and died

So you want to be an Indian, living on the land
That was stolen from our grandpa by dear old Uncle Sam
Who sent soldier after soldier, to tell us what was right
But politicians nor their armies, can turn an Indian white

So you want to be an Indian, can you say "poverty"
If the great white hope in Washington, would send what belongs to me
I'd have blankets in the winter
I wouldn't have to be so cold
And have something to eat besides government cheese
To feed my hungry soul

So you want to be an Indian, a noble honored chief
And try to walk a holy road, in dignity and peace
Hold the vision of America in the palm of your hand
And watch the free world pass you by
And not give one single damn

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