As Before

Wade Farlowe
Lingua: Inglese

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For those men and women, far from home.....far too long!!!

As Before
Friday, May 19, 2006
Wade Farlowe
Early before the spring and into the summer
Onto the winter from the fall
I'd never been struck by such awesome wonder
Until I heard her voice call
This tour has been one that couldn't be longer
Guess I just missed her that's all
As I feel my arms wrap around her
Just at that moment, she is gone
Then I yell out her name
Waking to find things are still the same, as before

Nearly sunrise this time, I almost held her
And I've been gone far too long
The morning has broke in through wondrous colors
Still I dream her face, gotta be strong
These times have been strange, no like unto others
Wish I could leave, but that's wrong
My ears search the distant thunder
Just as I whisper out her name
Then I'm put to the test
Facing all those things close to the vest, as before

As I sit here writing my thoughts in this letter
One thing I want you all to know
I really miss home, I miss down-home weather
Really I miss you all though
The sarge caught one and tore up his shoulder
Guess that's his ticket to go
Tell Jana, I can't wait to hold her
I dream the moment, I get home
Then I yell out her name
Waking to find things are still the same, as before

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