Dying for Love

Harry Rogers
Lingua: Inglese

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“Our Little Soldier” – Twelve song cycle about the futility, agony and ubiquity of war. I hope to record this as an album at some time and also do a couple of performances of it with a few friends.

Introduction - Our Little Soldier - Become a Cadet - Meeting Maria - Don’t Volunteer (Song of Maria) - Sergeant Major Grandad -The Children in the Queue - Dying for Love - Joining Up Today - Always Coming Home - Bombardier - Son

A Soldier’s Life From Childhood To Death.

Harry seeing Red

Maria and her family went away
They moved back to Cardiff Bay
On their last night together
Both of them were crying
The last time they held each other
The last time they loved each other
When he got back home again
He felt like he was dying
Dying for love
Dying for love
This was the end
He was dying for love
His parents said that it was for the best
Were glad she had moved out to the west
So glad that she wasn’t coming back
Didn’t like the fact that she was black
They saw the way ahead so clear
Their boy could start his new career
He knew there was no way that he could see her
Still he was dying for the love of his Maria
Dying for love
Dying for love
He was dying for love
Dying for the love of his Maria

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