Harry Rogers
Lingua: Inglese

Open with laid back funereal music playing

Two women standing in the street watching the family leave a house for a funeral, they start talking:-
1st Woman – It’s such a shame ain’t it? He was only just turned twenty.
2nd Woman – I know that’s no age at all really. He was such a good looking boy too, just like his dad.
1st Woman – I can still remember him when he was little, running around in that soldier suit that he got that Christmas when it snowed a lot.
2nd Woman – Yeah, I remember, he was mad for it, I suppose he was kind of destined to be in the Army.
1st Woman – Well it was a family thing I believe, soldiering goes back generations with his family.
2nd Woman – It’s his mother and his girlfriend I feel sorry for.
1st Woman – I know, it seems such a terrible waste of a life……
2nd Woman – They’re leaving now for the funeral, I best be off, see you later.
1st Woman – Yes OK…………see you later………

Music fades as cars start and drive away.

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