The Peace Creation
Lingua: Inglese

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War and America
(The Peace Creation)

Lyrics & Music by Marcus Malara


A song about change..
What is the nature of changing?
What are the things that deter?
The world around always rearranging,
but what will be the thing that we learn?

They say that love will embrace you,
but also so it must singe
To catch a dove that's a bit of both,
crying for a nation within

And what is this demon you are thinking?
Selling your soul to see the light
If thought's a devil, seems I've gone to Hell tonight
Let the drums of Heaven will dawn's early light!

The lightning strikes and I am wise because I see

I hear the true song of liberty,
-please set me free -and let it fly…
The only war you win is inside…

There are no words for the future
So make it happen today
And so I wander in twilight's gleaming,
searching for a glimmer of sane

They say that love will enrage you,
but also so it will save
To catch a moment of miracle
and make it last for more than a day..

And you wake, a dream I've seen the future
Rise, we the people and be one voice
In the name of something more than what destroys
Know it's now or never
No time to avoid..

It's in the sky t
hat shines a light on destiny

I hear the true song of liberty,
rain down on me
And let it shine
The only war you win is inside..

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