For Those Who Disappeared

Rai Ko Ris
Lingua: Inglese

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Samaaj Ko Keti, Samaaj Kaidi
(Rai Ko Ris)

(this song is for Maina Sunwar and all those who were killed under army/police custody during people's war.)

She was handcuffed, all the lights were gone
Couldn't see a thing with the blindfold on
Her throat was dry, she couldn't scream
Bound and gagged, it was just a dream

They'd taken her somewhere cold and dark
The only light was the torture spark
Of plugs and wires, electricity
Shock waves through her naked body

This is what happens in the dungeons of the
barracks, Some of them have never been released

She was all alone five against one
They threw her to the ground and had their fun
Fucked her up, one by one
Didn't waste a bullet on a dying girl.

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