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At War !

Lyrics & Music by Vo.Caliber
Album: Washington Chainsaw Massacre

They killed the Natives, stole their land and set the slave ships up to…
Bring Africans to do their work for them cause they're just crooks who...
Promised them freedom but then took it back in other different ways....

Supported Apartheids in Israel and South Africa…
Which displays their true views of freedom and equality so…
No wonder the police beat colored people and then still get paid....

These political pawns belittle us all
Their hearts are mostly black like people on death row West Coast to East,
there's a list of examples
Look at Lionel Tate, they sentenced that kid as an adult
Think Affirmative Action means equal rights?
Execution history shows how these evil whites
Recycle old tactics and apply them to presently
Iraq's invasion ain't polar to Poland's invasion by Nazis
That were sponsored partly by the U.S. like the Taliban
Guns and war run the economy, just understand it, man
Preaching with their Bibles; screaming Freedom at any cost
As long as Coca Cola could make money off the Holocaust
But no one looks into that, we're all distracted
Corrupt elections go on; dealing with Fascists
Hate Wars persist, but we're the savages
It all continues cause we're caught up in hating gay marriages…

The new Empire went into Iraq killing women and…
Children who died before realizing that their God given, man…
Molesting captive men and their culture at Guantanamo Bay…

I don't got beef with most of the people; it's mostly leaders…
And racist officials who always want to hold me captive…
Because we also got Canadians that I spell with 3 Ks…

I cross the border and they see me as the enemy
Rip my bag as if he's seeing some weaponry
In my address book, asking why he be a friend of me?
Saying with my color, I'm seeking attention, B
Asking me these stupid questions, I'm betting
That he must be drunk off a beer and a Hennessey
Making personal insults and he be offending me
Like they got perfection and I'm stealing the remedy
Want to flee just so readily
Say for 24hrs, I'll be in thee penitentiary
I want to knock them out; I'm feeling the energy
But I don't blow up, my mouth I'm sealing and secondly
I know Karma's a bitch, I hear it goes full circle
No matter how they hurt you, don't be kneeling for pleasantries
Tried putting drugs in my bag, its steaming deception, see?
It's moments like this, I pray to God he exists
And he'll be dealing correction fees; I know he is protecting me…

*Galloway snippets*

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