On the Street

Jimi Cullen
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Jimi Cullen
Album: When the last leaf falls


Another song about poverty increasing..
See that woman on the streets
Little babies crying at her feet
Now she's got no place to go
And it's looking like it's about to snow

And see that man he's all alone
In a cardboard box he calls his home
Now it's getting really cold
And he's freezing right down to the bone

Didn't I, Didn't you
Look away and walk right through

Now little Johnny's got no one
And his days they know no joy, no fun
He's livin' underneath the bridge
In an old industrial fringe yeah

Didn't I, Didn't you
Look away and walk right through...

Didn't I, Didn't you...

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