No More War

Marcelo Braga
Lingua: Inglese

Lyrics & Music by Marcelo Braga
Album: M. Braga
M Braga

"What motivated me to write that song was the B.S. wars going on through out the world killing innocent people and destroying our planet.."

Marcelo Braga
Do you want to bomb ?
Do you want to kill ?
Do you want do die ?
What does make it real ?
It is insane, they(government) feel no pain
They don't even care for what we say.

What is this for?
We need no war!
If goes this way, then life is gone!
So why bomb?
To kill, to die!
Kill, die,
Bomb - Why?

inviata da giorgio - 29/4/2012 - 20:38

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