Aeturnus Dominion
Lingua: Inglese

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Global Cremation Suicide
(Aeturnus Dominion)
(Aeturnus Dominion)
(Aeturnus Dominion)

Lyrics & Music by Ted Foster
Album: Semper Tyranis
Semper Tyranis

A song from the victims point of view about being hacked to death..
Carved and bashed
Beaten near death
The intense pain
Draws abated breath
Carved and slashed
Ripped to shreds
Constant torture that never ends

Flesh of pain
Near death
Chopped to pieces
Hacked to shreds

Meathook… Meathook… Meathook
Meathook (through your soul!)

Fire that burns within my flesh
Tortured life, within tortured death
Blades control the reapers scythe
He's coming back, to fuck my life

The end
Drawing near
Time at hand
The reaper
Closing in

Condemned me

Meathook… Meathook… Meathook
Meathook (through your soul!)

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