Aeturnus Dominion
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Ted Foster
Album: Semper Tyranis
Semper Tyranis

Another song about the devastation and long term effects of sexual abuse..

"I wrote this song as I have seen first hand what sexual abuse can do to a person and how it stunts and alters a person's ability to communicate with society.." (Ted).
Child of sorrow
Child of pain.
Darkened secrets
Hidden away..
Severed souls
Tormented life
Years of pain

Spite and sorrow
The mould of hate.
Bashed and beaten
Incestual rape.

Loathing affection
Destructive intentions
A life of torture
A mind infection

A child of sorrow
The mould of hate
Darkened secrets
Incestual rape.

Loathing affection
A tormented life
Years of pain

Bearing life's scars
Life unsanitized

Bearing the scars..

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