An I for an I

Roger John
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Roger J. Contardi


"Vengeance is mine", saith the Lord.. –
People should listen to this. A lot of wars would never have happened. Revenge and vengeance has wrecked havoc on this world..
The American he came down
like the wolf on the fold
And his cohorts were gleaming
in silver and gold;
Shone their bombs and their weapons
in the twilights red glare
And the faith of their fathers
and their God wasn't there..
We rode through the valley
the Valley called Death
with the tanks all before us
and our hearts in our breath
Then the Angel of Death
spread his wings on the blast
cast down all their armies
as his shadow it passed…

An eye for an eye
Look right into my face,
An eye for an eye
Who'll look at me now..

The Queen of the Nile
her beauty to hide
took new lover
and a snake on the side..
Strom clouds a warning
in the far sunless sky
like a big wave a roaring
all you must die
His oil and his treasure
we glutted with our pride
His laws and his culture
we chained to our side.
Into his wall chambers
here he was tried
our soldiers sacked his cities
while he hung and he died

An eye for an eye,
Who'll run for me now,
An eye for an eye..
Who'll run for me now..

Jack Frost, Jack Kerouac
both went up the hill
to fetch a pail of Janey
who was feeling quite ill
She had caught her death of moaning
she had tied her husband down
She had listened to his groaning
with her ear upon the ground.
Now the clown was in the alley
waiting for his boy
with a new saw silver hammer
and some other crazy toys
Heard the poet in the gutter
who saw the rhyming scheme
that they planned it in the White House
and stole the American Dream..

An eye for an eye
Look right into my face,
An eye for an eye
Who'll run for me now..

The emperor of Kenya
could get no sleep
the rule of the land
was all he could keep.
His women all left him
and his sons they despised
and they squandered and shackled
the light from his eyes.
In the dark misty morning
by the clear running brook
in the depth of that jungle
his lifeblood they took
Hammered and stoned him
and chiselled his bones.
Took all his handmaidens
and made them their own.
Broke his Generals before him
and fattened his slaves
cut the throat of the innocent
decorated their graves..

An eye for an eye
Who'll run from me now,
An eye for an eye
Who'll run for me now..

Take a million Bob Dylans
put Willie Nelson on a horse
go back to the poets
and write your discourse.
Takes the drums of the British
and the bugles of the French
take the cannons of the Germans
go hide in a trench.
Take the money that their burning
take the lives, they mow down
take the crown and the anchor
and go paint the town..

An eye for an eye,
Look right into my face,
An eye for an eye
Who'll run for me now..

Now I wish I could write you
something quite simple and plain
Leave you no guessing
and no empty refrain..
But something there's got me
deep deep in my brain
and it stops me from hearing
and going insane..
The Pope is in the belfry
Quasimodo's on the throne
the tribe of the Israelites
all have rode home..

An eye for an eye
Look right into my face..
An eye for an eye
Who'll run for me now..

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