Winds of War

Deborah Kooperman
Lingua: Inglese

I have to leave you babe, don't you cry
They're sending me away, please don't cry
It's fighting over there, I've got to go
I'm really scared I can feel the cold wind blow
I promise I'll be back just say goodbye
I promise that I'll come back, so don't you cry

There are so many things I'd like to say
there's no time, I've got to go away
it used to be a game to hold the gun
shoot at cats or rabbits on the round
now I have a rifle in my hands
I wonder what is like to shoot a man

They tell us that we really should be proud
the winds of war are blowing all around
Can you tell me who's right or wrong
I'm leaving so darling, please be strong
the winds of war are raging all around
the winds of war are raging all around
(ad libitum)

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