War God

Roger John
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Roger J. Contardi

"Good - Bad, Ying - Yang, Duality. War, God, Religion..
The late great American writer Kurt Vonnegut notes that you will find The Ten Commandments throughout Court Houses, etc. in the U.S.A., but not the Sermon on the mount.
Funny ain't it how that works!"
This old world can get you down
grind you up and spit you out
break you down and make you out and then some

This old world can make you cry
prop you up then bleed you dry
drown your tears muffle your sighs
and hold your voice -all for ransom

This old world just rides along
with not a care and not a song
and not a word bout right or wrong
what's been said and what's been done -and then some

And I'm just waiting - I'm waiting for the train,
Pick me up and drop me right back down again
I can be good
I can be bad, I can't be both.

All religions seek the good they say
yet in their rites they lose there way
In devotion to some God they pray
Forget what Jesus crossed to pay
for the sake of all the sinners that are kneeling....

Good and justice is what they hype
but yet wars continue quite there type
'cause God wants this or them to smite,
we got the blood of the lamb on
our hands that were stealing......

Wars continue is there no end
to the next new bomb the next new trend
of how to take apart and rend a peoples innocence
and bend the story to what were really feeling....

And I'm just standing - in the pouring rain
Wash my soul and muddy me up again
I can be strong
I can be weak
I can't be both.

Bow down to your new God
The Corporation without soul or blood
Built with your sweat and mud
Like a pyramid tomb taking you
To your eternal rest and ever lastin' salvation

Bow down to your new God
Corporate Will without soul or blood
Ancient footprints in the desert trod
And now brought to you by your friendly TV news station...

And I'm just bleeding - bleeding all in vain
So pick me up and bring me back down again
I can be big
I can be small
..I can't be both

The pontiff pontificates
The Mullahs they all seethe with hate
the Dali Lama holds back temptation gates
with the snicker -of eternal laughter.

There's God the father and the son
holy Allah he's the one,
there in that world in their club
no women are allowed to watch to talk -or to gather.

From some ancient backward tribe
the laws were written and transcribed down
the ages and are subscribed
to the people who crawl up - Jacobs ladder.

The crazy left and the nutty right
are sharpening their bloody knives
for the lambs being led to the fight -and the slaughter

And I'm just firing up - I'm firing up the pain
to pick me up and bring me right back down again
I can be one
I can be three
I can't be both
No, I can't be both

Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy,
Martin Luther King you see
were sacrificed when they reached too high
and so had to be drawn -and quartered to the bleeding

Folks like that can't be around
when the goals we got do abound
to make the many one and sing its song
like a true believer in this poisonous weeding..

Place the wicker man up high
set the fire to the sky
and leave the bones there out to dry
when its only evil we've been feeding.

And I'm just deserving for all the blame
to pick me up and bring me back down again
I can be life
I can be death
I can't be both
No I can't be both…

Blessed Mary Virgin Mother
had a son and a daughter
and she called him Jesus Christ

Mary Virgin had a son
then a daughter another one
and she called him Jesus Christ

Blessed Mary Virgin Mother
had a son then a daughter
and she called him Jesus Christ

And I'm just holding on to this holy chain
to pick me up and bring me back down again
I can be good
I can be bad
But I can't be both

I can't be both..

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