Fog of War

AGNT 008
Lingua: Inglese

Lyrics & Music by Lee A. Reynolds
Album: Wicked


4 perspectives given on the U.S. & Iraq war.
1st Iraqi Child
2nd U.S. Marine
3rd Christian Preacher
4th Iraqi Father
The Iraqi Child:
War dawns, mom's gone
blown beyond recognition
what now?, what how?
with machinegun repetition
comin', no runnin'
slummin' in the rubble
pure rage, mind made
America's in trouble
fog of war: souls tore..

My family's been slain
never knew, bombs blew!
now everything's changed
vengeance gained from the pain
as you say in spades
I'm a kill "these mothafuckas"
and let 'em feel my rage!

Heart aches, body shakes
every passing hour
in the fog of war
everything seems sour
we like minded not blinded
fuck! yo propaganda
I live with your atrocities!
Did you get that memoranda!
back home where the tone
is stay oblivious and numb
to the pain the slain
be them old or young
I'm "nine" on the line
of demarcation
ain't got no type of love
for marines or the nations
Who back what you say
attack! us for pay?
I live for the moment
I can see your decay:

In the fog of war..

The U.S. Marine:
Stay focussed my hope is
to bring ya all home
I'm sergeant: R.R.
in the danger zone
trained to obey
survive: come what may
accomplish the mission
and be on our way
back to the barrics
no time for hysterics
by stupid mothafuckas
who just cant bear it
"hope I hold"
like a buried treasure
home in one piece
in Cali type weather
"drop top down"
"ocean breeze at my back"
"stereo thumpin'"
"bank account fat"
"home fully furnished"
"neighborhood sweet"
"San Diego chillin'"
"ninety degree heat"
say my prayers, hold faith
that I'm in Jesus' hands
accept that I might die
in a "foreign land"
with the dignity that comes
with being a proud marine
deeper than most
to the bible I cling
on to a fine line
of obedience that's "rough"
a Christian Marine
down to kill with guts!

In the fog of war..
In this fog of war..

The Christian Preacher:
In the fog of war
brethren what can we say?
here at Universal Baptist Church
we must pray
decay has encroached
on every side
the "President" besieged
some say " he's " lied
I've tried to stay focussed
on what's good and what's right
disciple the world
evangelizing for Christ
but between battlin' "lust"
of these young fine women
and riding in these Benzes
it seems "the Devil" is winnin'
(everyone's sinnin')
and momentum is gaining
time is flying
and it seems (Hell is raining)
torrents of distractions
who can stay focussed?
(gays gone wild )
(David Blanes hocus pocus )
(b.e.t black booty)
(tyra banks sexy chess )
porno's in the video store)
(Cali weed is the best)
(same sex marriage)
Christians stand yo ground!
in the: fog of war
only light can be found!
they will know your my disciples
if you love one another
I know you love me
when you obey my word and no other.

In the fog of war…

The Iraqi Father:
Is what Jesus Christ said.
but my children lay dead!
I am Iraqi
drowning in blood shed.
screw what he said!
it's lies I'm fed
pacified with the promise
of "democracy & bread" ?
your reasonings (insane!)
a debt must be paid!
you are to blame!
and I'm not afraid!
but misunderstood
in the: fog of war
I once idolized America
now I abhor
everything she stands for:
(hypocritical) and (stank)
(murderous) and (callous)
(immoral) and (blank)
(sell outs for gain)
(every line crossed)
just like the Romans
your nation is lost!
(arrogant beyond remedy )
(self grandiose by design )
(doomed to destruction )
for being (arrogant and blind)
no God your God
is self indulgence and greed
with citizens to desensitized
to live up to its creeds
and as for the (Christian)
do they inhabit your shore?
for there is no evidence,
in the fog of war
where is this Jesus ?
who inhabits the soul
of the poor sinner
of which I've been told!
where's the Good Samaritan?
who binds the wound?
where are the saints?
feeding the doomed?
with the bread of life
the words of God
is he better than Allah?
in this war and fog?
I wish to see a beacon
of hope and reason
but sadly my American foe
I am left grieving!
fully confident
that I shouldn't ignore
or forget what I've witnessed
in this fog of war..
In the fog of war..

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