Century of the Living Dead

Eval Herz
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Evan Herzoff

→ Singing austerity…
I am dead -yet I'm still living
I am broke -yet I'm still giving
I am starved -yet I'm still eating
I am progressing -yet still self-defeating

You are rich -yet you're still taking
I am civilized -yet I'm just faking
We're in chaos -yet we have order
We are sane yet -suffering disorders

We are free -yet we have borders
We are humane -yet we shoot mortars..

We are rich -yet we're so poor
We believe in peace -yet we want war
We are less -yet we have more..

We are insolvent -yet we must pay
We are sad Christians -yet we're all gay
We are competitive -yet we're still stealing
We are callous and numb -yet we're still feeling down..

Pound for pound
We can't get off the ground..

We are the few -yet we're the many
We all just said "whoa" -yet there's still cocaine residue on our money..

But we just get stoned and think it's funny..

We are the most advanced -yet we're so far behind
We oversee everything, more than before, -yet we're all blind
We are so savvy yet we spend big money conquering our hearts and minds..

The self-help exercise that binds
Us together..
Forever and ever

And that's why only the broke do all the giving
We are all dead -yet we're still living..

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