Flower Stand

Dan & David Raymer
Lingua: Inglese

Lyrics & Music by Daniel P. Raymer
Album: Raymer Brothers

"Then the lightning filled the air, walls of fire everywhere..." An unusual anti-war song, about nano-robotic warfare - the silent killing things.
It wrote itself on a train ride across the fields of Germany. For the whole story, see the book Living In The Future by Dan Raymer.
In the middle of a field near a laughing silver stream
Stood a flower made of captured sun.
And it stood throughout the day not a single thing to say
And it never bothered anyone.

Then they built a factory town and the concrete hid the ground
And the flower couldn't find the sky
The air was painted gray, the raindrops couldn't play
And the laughing silver stream went dry.

Men came there every day making weapons, steel and gray
And they never got to see the sky
In the thunder and the noise building deadly grownup toys
They weren't allowed to wonder why.

Then the lightning filled the air, walls of fire everywhere
With the sounding of his wings came the silent killing things
By the coming of the dawn all the men were gone.

In the middle of a field broken concrete twisted steel
But a tiny trickle wets the clay
By the misty morning light rusty litter of the fight
But a flower stands to greet the day.

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