Jarhead Fertilizer

Lingua: Inglese

Nell’album “The Aftermath” del 1999‎

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‎“Jarhead” è uno slang spregiativo ad indicare il marine americano, con riferimento al “taglio ‎tattico” dei capelli ma anche alla propensione del suo cervello a non pensare per proprio conto ma ‎ad obbedire soltanto agli ordini…‎

L’immagine sopra è una foto di scena dal film “Jarhead” del 2005, diretto da Sam Mendes, e basato ‎sulle memorie di Anthony Swofford, une marine USA che prese parte alla prima guerra del Golfo ‎nel 1991… ‎

Vi rendete conto che sono già passati oltre 20 anni e ancora non è finita?‎
Education stable career
Join the army
Become a murderer
Kill for God and Country
Return to be a hero
To tell you the truth
I hope you don't come back
It takes a big man to push a button
Fight with your honor
Like shooting children
And cutting their parents throats
Go to the frontline
Watch your friends
Get cooked by napalm
And they're murderers just like you
Getting education by killing people too
Bodies blown apart
You feel a sharp pain in your stomach
Now you’ve lost both of your legs to a grenade
Blood and vomit spew from your mouth
No career education
And you're sent home in a doggy bag
Waste your life
While taking others lives away from them
Left so empty
Just a pile of shit to me
And your parents looking stupid
Their son reduced to a pile of shit and dog tags
But he did what he was programmed to do
Such a good soldier
I hope you're fucking proud of your son
Fuck your son, I hope he fucking dies‎

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