Come by Here, Martin Luther King

Kristin Lems
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics based on speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., -with added words by Kristin Lems; Music by Kristin Lems
Album: Imagine That! Songs For Creative Teachers.
Imagine That

"I loved these words and wanted to sing them. I discovered a way to pair them with a well-known "campfire" song. I then added the third verse, in addition to the first and last verses. I am very happy with the song and enjoy teaching it to others. It's easy to learn and very meaningful.."

Come by here, Martin Luther King [x3]
Your words we sing. [x2]

Darkness cannot drive out darkness [x3]
Only light can do that. [x2]

Hatred cannot drive out hatred [3x]
Only love can do that. [x2]

Vengeance cannot heal our wounds [x3]
Only justice can do that. [x2]

Come by here, Martin Luther King [x3]
Your words we sing
Your life we sing.

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