Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Luka Bloom / Barry Moore
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Barry Moore (Luka Bloom)
Album: "Treaty Stone" [1978]
Honor: A Benefit for the Honor the Earth Campaign [1996]

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Remember the American Indians how they were virtually wiped out of the Americas - their ancestral homes - by the European newcomers! The simple-minded American Indians’ only crime was to honor their guests into their homeland. A short story is sufficient to tell the sad saga of this unfortunate people. A white American of European descent once taunted an American Indian by saying, "O Indian, what do you have to say, how we wiped you out?" The Indian did not reply. The white man taunted him again saying: "You must feel awful, how we took your land, killed your men, raped your women, brought pox, syphilis and gonorrhea to your people, burned your villages, took your cattle and crops." Still, the Indian remained unperturbed. This calmness of the Indian further infuriated the white man, who went on to saying, "How come you don’t say anything? We must have done something that should make you feel angry?" This time the Indian opened his mouth, saying, "White man, you know: none of what you said really makes me feel bad, sad or angry. Yes, you are right. You have wiped us out, you stole our lands, you destroyed our homes, and you raped our women and brought deadly diseases to our people. You have done all the unthinkable crimes anyone can imagine. It does not hurt me any more. What truly hurts my people and me is that despite all these crimes you have committed against my people, we are considered savages and you the "civilized" people. That truly hurts me the most..!"
When the river runs to the mountain
And the birds swim in the sea
Only then, can you justify
Taking a man's liberty..

When we lived on the prairie
Hunting buffalo
Happy in the sunshine
Contented in the snow
We cherished our rivers
We nourished our lands
Our children grew in freedom
Into men and women strong, women strong..

And then came the white man
Searching for gold
We opened our arms to you
Welcomed young and old, young and old

And then you built your railways
And then you came in scores
And then you came in thousands
And then a million more, a million more

All this time you told us
That we should live as one
And then you brought your armies
To throw us out with guns, out with guns

You are the savage
We are the wise
We told the truth, man
You told the lies, told the lies

You slaughtered our children
You'd murder your own
Your greed for yellow metal
Drove us from our homes, from our homes

When the river runs to the mountain
And the birds swim in the sea
Only then, can you justify
Taking a man's liberty

You've taken away all our lives
You've claimed our liberty
So bury my heart -at Wounded Knee

inviata da giorgio - 13/3/2012 - 08:25

i riferimenti sono sbagliati: Luka Bloom è solo uno pseudonimo più recente di Barry Moore, fratello del più noto Christy Moore, e la canzone risale almeno al 1978 (non al 1996), compresa nell'album "Treaty Stone".

Treaty Stone

B.B. - 30/5/2020 - 19:22

Giusto però non sdoppierei l'autore visto che si tratta della stessa persona, ho aggiunto il vero nome allo pseudonimo

Lorenzo - 30/5/2020 - 19:26

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