Fallen Hero

Funker Vogt
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Navigator
Funker Vogt Navigator
They called me the tragic hero
They avoided my company
My names were only whispered
Just a tale for a moonless night

Fallen hero fits much better
To describe my true fate
Once a fighter for the light
Reduced to an observer..

And again I hear the voices
A distant thunder through the night
The angel of destruction
Summoning her fellows for the fight !

Now the time has come and yet you stand alone
The enemy is mighty and too strong
Without any help you will lose on your own
So you call out for me to come along..

Now this can turn my fate
Revive my true confession
To be a fighter once again
Standing here by your side

This might be my last mission
The final fight for mankind
Reunited on the eve -of the Apocalypse !

Now the time has come and yet you stand alone..

inviata da giorgio - 11/3/2012 - 18:37

Mah, chiederei agli Admins una verifica su questo brano.
Ho paura che Giorgio - ma che fine ha fatto? - abbia preso a suo tempo un abbaglio...

B.B. - 7/2/2018 - 23:45

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