Soul Deep

The Style Council
Lingua: Inglese

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Nel dicembre del 1984 Paul Weller mise su un super-gruppo, The Council Collective, con lo scopo ‎di organizzare iniziative e concerti in favore dei minatori inglesi che dal marzo dello stesso anno si ‎trovavano in sciopero contro la chiusura delle miniere e la conseguente ondata di licenziamenti ‎annunciati dal governo Thatcher.‎
Lo sciopero durò 50 settimane ed ebbe un costo altissimo, per i sindacati e soprattutto per i ‎lavoratori che uscirono sconfitti dallo scontro con la “Lady di Ferro”…‎

Benchè questo brano scritto da Weller contenesse versi durissimi contro il governo, il suo ritmo ‎danzereccio piacque molto alle radio e alle reti tv, sicchè The Council Collective si trovarono ‎persino ad interpretarlo al “Top of the Pops” in un’atmosfera irreale, su di un set da disco-party ‎pieno di fari e luci stroboscopiche…‎
Getcha mining soul deep, with a lesson in history ‎
There's people fighting for their communities ‎
Don't say this struggle does not involve you ‎
If you're from the working class, this is your struggle too

If they spent more on life as they do on death ‎
We might find the money to make industry progress ‎
There's mud in the waters, there's lies upon the page ‎
There's blood on the hillsides and they're not getting paid

There's brother against brother ‎
There's fathers against sons ‎
But as for solidarity, I don't see none ‎
‎(Let's change that, let's fight back)‎

Going on 10 months now, will it take another 10? ‎
Living on the breadline with what some people send ‎
Just where is the backing from the TUC? ‎
If we aren't united, there can only be defeat

Think of all those brave men, women and children alike ‎
Who built the unions so others might survive ‎
In better conditions than abject misery ‎
Not supporting the miners betrays that legacy

There's brother against brother ‎
There's fathers against sons ‎
Let's change that ‎
Let's fight back

Up north the temperature's rising ‎
Down south she's wine and dining ‎
We can't afford to let the government win ‎
It means death to the trade unions

And the cash it costs to close 'em ‎
Is better spent trying to keep 'em open ‎
Try to feel the pain in those seeds planted ‎
Now are the things that we take for granted

Like the power to strike if we don't agree ‎
With the bosses that make those policies ‎
That keep us down and keep us dumb ‎
So don't settle for less than the no one

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