Mr. Cab Driver

Lenny Kravitz
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “Let Love Rule”‎

Da un episodio di ordinario razzismo di cui fu vittima il cantante alla fine degli anni 80…‎


‎"Mr. Cab Driver" was written with a sense of humor. When I wrote it, I had a sense of humor ‎about the whole thing. But, the whole thing stems from a day of trying to get to the studio to record. ‎I was recording out at Hoboken, New Jersey at the time and I was standing at the corner of West ‎Broadway and Broome, trying to get a cab, and I was late for the studio, and I had a lot of work to ‎do, and I was passed by about twenty cabs. Then, finally, a cab stopped for me. I got in, and told ‎him where I was going, and he kicked me out of the cab. And by the end of the whole thing, we ‎were fighting on top of the cab, and you know, he was calling me nigger. And it got really out of ‎hand. It was horrible. So, I went back to my loft, because I couldn't get to the studio. I was pissed ‎off at that point. I had just been in a fight the middle of the street on top of a yellow cab, and I wrote ‎‎"Mr. Cab Driver" and went in the next day and cut it. And you know, the whole thing is about ‎racism and what not, but it is written with a sense of humor.”
‎(da un’ntervista a Lenny Kravitz riportata su Lenny-‎‎
Mr Cab Driver won't you stop to let me in
Mr Cab Driver don't like my kind of skin
Mr Cab Driver you're never gonna win
Mr Cab Driver won't you stop to pick me up
Mr Cab Driver I might need some help
Mr Cab Driver only thinks about himself
Here we go

Mr Cab Driver, Mr Cab Driver
Mr Cab Driver, Mr Cab Driver

Mr Cab Driver don't like the way I look
He don't like dreads he thinks we're all crooks
Mr Cab Driver reads too many story books
Mr Cab Driver pass me up with eyes of fire
Mr Cab Driver thinks we're all one sixty five'ers
Mr Cab Driver fuck you I'm a survivor
Oh yeah, one more time, ahah

Let me in

Mr Cab Driver, Mr Cab Driver
Mr Cab Driver, Mr Cab Driver

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