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Tormentone/martellone synthpop-crucco-anniottanta da Guerra Fredda che all’epoca scalò le ‎classifiche americane ed europee…‎
Gorbachev: Good evening, this is Mr. Gorbachev
Ronald Reagan: Hello Gorby, this is the White House, Ronald Reagan speaking
Gorbachev: Hello, my old friend, how are you today?
Ronald Reagan: Fine ! It's time for our daily chess-match, are you ready?
Gorbachev: Yes, my last move yesterday was the Queen from A6 to B6

They both send their weapons into space
their people's problems they seem to displace
the arms-race is what they can't negotiate
why ain't it chess about what they debate?

What went wrong on the Gulf of Iran?
Why did the Russians invade Afghanistan?
Why not save the money for the armaments
and be chess-partners in the turnament?

Reagan and Gorbachev play chess on T.V.
the senate is giving a party on the sea
the nuclear war will forever be banned
it's only their kings which they have to defend.‎

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