River of Rage‎

Jim Page
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “Music From Big Red”‎

Music From Big Red]

Una canzone sugli effetti che ha sugli individui la violenza eletta a sistema sociale…‎
He walked into the cafeteria
he had a gun in his hand
he walked in like a time bomb
triggered to command
he fired 41 rounds
that's how the story gets told
he killed his mother and his father too
he was 15 years old

The doctors they pondered
they puzzled and schemed
they analyzed his body language
and his camouflage dreams
they said his town was so normal
his street was just fine
all those unanswered questions
they're the most dangerous kind

River of rage
River of rage

Blame it on the music
it's easy to do
blame it on the internet
and the TV too
blame it on the devil
that's what he's for
but all the blame in the world won't put life back into
those bodies on the floor

It's a trickery world
it's all mirrors and smoke
and the promises that they made to you
well they were just a joke
when you find you've been lied to
and the lie wasn't true
you gotta get mad at somebody
but you just don't know who

River of rage
River of rage

It's in our blood
and in our memory's dream
warriors fighting
gun metal gleam
the smell of the powder
the sound of the sword
the anger of god as he rages through
where the grapes of wrath are stored

America the beautiful
they say these colors don't run
everywhere we went
we just walked in with a gun
we blew 'em to pieces
we bombed 'em into dust
then we raised up our children
and they turned out just like us

River of rage
River of rage

Don't know if I can explain it
but at least I have to try
there's no love and compassion
in a mechanical eye
society's failing
it's society's guilt
and the monster that kills us
will be the monster that we built

The face in the mirror
it's coming so clear
it's our future at stake now
and all that we hold dear
if this is our story
we can write a new page
or we can drown in the waters
of a river of rage

River of rage
River of rage

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