The Great Constantini
Lingua: Inglese

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A Child of War
(The Great Constantini)

Lyrics & Music by Frank Canonica

The Greate Constantini

"The song is based around a young man leaving for war and conflicts of the heart and mind. I'm not really ever sure what it all completely means, because I don't really consciously write lyrics most of the time. They arrive in my head unsolicited and I try to figure them out later or sometimes just let them be. And to be sure nothing ever happens conveniently. Laying in bed at 3 A.M. things are born.."
We all gathered at the station
And waited for the call
No return destination
No need to stand tall

Grey clouds hanging over
Over and out for a while
No you won't see me crying
Crying through this sad smile..

We all need a bit of fire
Icarus he flew to the sun
I've no need of contemplation
When all's said and done
And tell me:
"Why should I fight in another man's war.."

And tell me:
"Why should I fight in another man's war..

Why should I..
Why should I..

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