Peace Will Come

Wade Farlowe
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Hank Williams Sr. (and John Lennon's alternative lyrics by Wade Farlowe 4/26/2009)
Album: Incityous Interloper [2009]

Wade Farlowe Incityous Interloper

A peace song...
In 1943, not yet twenty, Hank Williams sold the song (I’m Praying for the Day That) Peace Will Come to Grand Ole Opry star Pee Wee King after opening a show for him. Hank wrote this song, but never recorded it himself. It was recorded by other artists in the following years (famous performance by Roscoe Haskins in 1951).
"I have not heard the song, so it is a best guess based on the phrasing and the chords, which I believe would be early in his writing career when he was writing gospel songs.
I added part of a John Lennon’s song, which I feel goes along with the flow. So, apologies to the memories of these great artists.... I felt, I had to give it a try".
Oh I'm praying for the day when the whole wide world can say
That this cruel war is now o'er
And the ones who are gone start their long journey home
Oh I'm praying for the day when peace will come.

When the black clouds roll away, and the skies are bright all day
And the guns are silenced forever more
When the bombs no longer fly -from the planes up in the sky
Oh I'm praying for the day when peace will come.

Oh there's your momma and your dad don't you know they'll be so glad
To see their child's a comin' home to stay
This whole world will rock with joy -for freedom, girls and boys
Oh I'm praying for the day when peace will come.

Sweethearts and loves so dear who have waited for this year
When their loved ones would safely return
This whole world will come to play -on that great and happy day
Oh I'm praying for the day when peace will come
Calling all nations give peace a chance,
All we are sayin' -give peace a chance

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