Lost in August

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A rosa de Hiroshima
(Vinícius de Moraes)
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(Gene Hunn)
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Let me tell you where to start
I guess. This is the story we have to remember
You know

A town which is all gray
everybody like dolls made of clay
Sit on the street and someone pray
that day we became the American prey
The tragedy in 1945
The pres “Truman” was not qualified
He decided on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Too many people died
In the city it was really hard to survive
The threat of the atomic bombing guide
Has become known worldwide
In a second Japanese lost all their pride
That didn’t end the feeling of pain
Deaths rose again
By the fallout called “black rain”
People cried out with goin’ insane
“Did even god turn his back on us?” ohh
Dead souls are bathed in moonlight
There ain’t no such a good night
Everything gets out of hand in the waste land
We can’t stand up
Definitely we’ll never sleep tight
Until shutdown nuclear sites
Everything gets out of hand in the waste land
We can’t stand up

They needed sacrifice to be honored in the stupid war
The day when they’ll know the weight of sin
So we’ve been waiting for

My granpa used to tell me stories about the Pacific war
It was shocking for me
He was born and raised in Hiroshima
He at nineteen had to served in the army
Seeing Boeing B-29 made him nervous
In this scene he couldn’t find a purpose
He was sent to North Korea and about one year later that tragedy occurred
That means yeah
He was well out of the bomb
Soon it greeted the end of the war
With hope then he got back to his home
But terrific sight
Just stood there alone
There like the pits was harder hit than thought everything was blown to bits
Sorrow and anger welling up he said
“Holy shit, Amekous are fucking mad”
They just tried not to feel guilty
Some told people about this cruelty
But GHQ cracked down on them and no one put them out of their misery
I remember my granpa just told me
Justifying murder war is vanity
Time passed 2009
In the historic town my granpa died

And just keep it all inside
So It’s hard to see the truth
No matter we lament and cry out weapons are here to stay
We’ll never ever ever begin a war we know what it’ll bring
And the end of the world is there
Believing that all the pain we’ve held so long coming to light
And setting them free someday

On August 6th in 1945, the American B-29 bomber Enola Gay dropped the world’s first atomic bomb over Hiroshima
About 150 thousand people died during that year
And another 300 thousand people died later due to the after effects of the bomb’s radiation
When people shift from fear to unconcern, that day become reality
So we should pass on the spirit of victims to people
That day must never be repeated

inviata da DonQuijote82 - 25/1/2012 - 12:39

Lingua: Giapponese


一面灰色の街 みんな土で造られた人形のよう
誰かが道端に座り、祈っている あの日 俺たちはアメリカの餌食になったのさ
その悲劇は1945年の事 トルーマン大統領は適任じゃなかった
苦痛は終わったわけではなかった 死者は増えるばかり 
死者の魂が月明りに照らされる そんないい夜なんてありゃしない
何もかもが手に負えない こんな荒地じゃ立つことだって出来ない
何もかもが手に負えない こんな荒地じゃ立つことだって出来ないんだ


俺の祖父はよく太平洋戦争の話をしてくれた すごく印象的だったよ
ボーイングB-29を見ると彼は不安になった 彼はここで自分の目的を見いだせなかった
お陰で彼は幸運にも原爆から逃れられた 後に終戦を迎え
地獄にいるようだった 思っていた以上に被害は大きく、何もかもが吹き飛んでいた
奴らは罪を感じようともしなかった この残酷さを人々に伝える者もいたが
俺の祖父はこう言っていた 殺戮を正当化する戦争は虚しいと
時は過ぎ2009年 この歴史ある街で俺の祖父は死んだ

すべてを胸に秘めているから 真実が見えてこない
俺たちはもう戦争なんてしない それが何をもたらすのか知っているから


inviata da DQ82 - 25/1/2012 - 12:40

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