War Song

The Fugs
Lingua: Inglese

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(The Fugs)
Morning, Morning
(Tuli Kupferberg)

Album “Tenderness Junction”‎
Scritta da Ed Sanders

Folk lisergico e testo grottesco e crudo contro la guerra in Vietnam, in puro stile Fugs…‎
Strafe them creeps in the rice paddy daddies (diddy womp)
Is it true what they say about Ho Chi Minh (diddy womp)
Old Chou En Lai he like hair pie (diddy womp)
Burn my belly with napalm jelly and rape my frame with a torch full of fire...
Burn mother burn
Burn mother burn
Burn mother burn (burning burning burning)
Burn mother burn

The puke hangs out of the nose
Shattered ganglia twitch out of the dead man's spine
Mouth choked up with worms slobber and foam

The Earth screams blood
No more war
The meat goes to war

The vultures drool on the school
Hissing drops of blood burn inside the smashed babe's face
Napalm rotissery cooks the world a meal

Does it feel good
To be so abstracted?
Is this just an atomic trip?

No more war
Will you go to war
For a botched civilization?‎

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