Blow Up Hollywood
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(Blow Up Hollywood)

Album: "The Diaries of Private Henry Hill"(2006)
The Diaries of Private Henry Hill

Based on the journals of Henry Hill, a soldier who died tragically in the Iraq War, this concept album narrates a first-hand account of the transformation of a real man from citizen to soldier to killer to martyr.


Basato sui diari di Henry Hill, un soldato morto tragicamente nella guerra in Iraq, questo concept album è un racconto di prima mano della trasformazione di un uomo reale da cittadino a soldato ad assassino a martire.

The Pledge - WMD - Bombs Away - Charge - Shock and Awe (instrumental) - Puppet - Salvation - Shots Fire - Requiem (instrumental) - TDK (instrumental)

I'm a puppet on a string
I’m handsome in the dark
I'm a boxer in a ring
I'm a beat up car
in a sup'd up lot

You're the silence in the rage
a stand out on an over crowded stage
the only reason I smile
you're the shinning sun
but I'm a million miles away

I'm drifting in outer space
you're the hope to save the human race
I'm a motherless child
I call out to you
but you're a million miles away

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