For God and Country

Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics by Graham Henderson
Music by Claudio Barberi
Album: Vocals

skankindaddy religionwars2

Another song coming out of the collaboration between me and Graham Henderson, his are the lyrics while I did music and singing...the bass is a totally live played track and same for the skankin' guitar...enjoy and... think !!!

(This song is born again by the great writing skills of Graham, who wrote those lyrics inspired by my track "In the name of God"...
This is clearly an anti-war song...War has no meanings, no reason, nothing can be settled with it.. War has no winners, there can be only losers, suffering hate and degradation of human beings and nature...war brings out all the worst in human nature, all the Babylon that lays in mankind as single individuals and as a whole... )
(Religion Wars)

For God and Country, off you go to war
To fight for all, you're told is right
What ever that may be
Left right left, off to a foreign shore
In the name of Liberty -once more
You're the saviour of democracy
And if you have kill to bring that to be
You'll do so willingly
In the name of God and Country..
But who will save you from yourself
As you re-live the Hell
Of knowing that wrongs were done
In the name of God and country..
Wrong is never right
And can't be denied
In the horror that comes cantering in
Night after night..
As a soldier, you may claim
You only did what you were told, you had to do
Just following orders
That's what a soldier's trained to do..
You're a servant to the uniform
A number not a name..
So for any wrong you do
You can't be held to blame..
But it's not the same on civvy-street
If you make it through..
Your orders come from within
From your conscience, straight to you
How will you justify
The sins you will re-live..
And won't ever forgive yourself for
Because you went off to war..
I say wrong is never right
And can't be justified, or denied
In the horror that comes cantering in
Night after night
Even for God.. even for God.. God and country
Wrong is never right...

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