Big Oil

DJ Monkey
Lingua: Inglese

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(DJ Monkey)

© 2003 DJ MONKEY
in l.a. whether you’re a punk or a star
you can’t get nowhere without a car
we’re slaves to oil pumping gasoline
insurance, tickets, payments,
what’s this car costing me?

you throw your toxins in my air
now my kids got asthma, but you don’t care
in the city you breath you choke
now you’re gonna tell me what i can’t smoke?

there’s no sidewalks on my street
i’m not allowed to use my feet
cable cars used to take us to the beach
now we’re going nowhere

big oil
quite as a mouse
gonna buy the white house
drill on sacred land
coz we can

they’re just a bunch of thugs
with their phony war on drugs
they’re producing land mines
shouldn’t that be a crime?

we got the bigger stick
come on with that patriotism schtick
they don’t care that your momma’s got no health care
and half of america is sick

where did that cancer come from
the malboro man is a billionaire
he’s killed more people than hitler
he’s buying senate seats to keep the chemical factories pumping out force fed poisons into our system
who stole the money from your 401k mr. citizen
you still gonna vote for these fools who are
playing you like an out of tune guitar?
democrats, republicans, what’s the (bleep)ing difference
they’re all puppets or whores

big oil
who pulls the string
who’s got the ka-ching
quite as a mouse
gonna buy the white house

you’re fooling nobody

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