(No More) Heartache

Mass Confusion Band
Lingua: Inglese

released 29 November 2010
Words and Music By Glen Shaw and Rich Stefanik

This song is about our Country's entanglements in foreign wars and the personal responsibility each one of us carrys as a result.
There’s a buzzing in the wires loud foot falls on the floor
The air smells of fire and there’s banging at the door… it’s total war
When they tell you not to panic that’s the time you better run
When sanity turns manic there’ll be shooting of the guns and killing of our sons
It’s too late when the bombs drop in and soldiers replace the cops
Asleep is what we’ve been every step we should have stopped…before they drop
everytime they talk of peace the murdering begins
The metal winds won’t cease till the enemies end
The business of war will feed our young is what it craves
When will we learn stop digging their graves
No more heartache
everyday you walk the earth power flows from your wires
armies kill in your name cast brimstone and fire
when the banging’s on your door what are you going to do
When that mad, politician’s eye is looking for help from you
no more heartache,

2/12/2011 - 23:49

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