The Woe

Steve Lacy
Lingua: Strumentale

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The Woe

steve lacy by guy le querrec
STEVE LACY soprano saxophone
STEVE POTTS alto saxophone
IRENE AEBI cello, voice
KENT CARTER double bass
OLIVER JOHNSON drums & cymbals

9.1 - THE WOE - THE WAX - 1:22
9.2 - THE WOE - THE WAGE - 16:52
10 - THE WOE - THE WANE - 9:48
11 - THE WOE - THE WAKE - 2:23

Analogue studio recording
1973 JANUARY 26 - Zurich

THE WOE is another story. Conceived in the horrors of the Vietnam War, it is a melodrama in four parts for quintet, two cassettes of war noises (air & ground) and voice. (The cassettes were played in the studio.)

This piece was the principal music we performed during the last two years of the U,S,A.'s involvement in Vietnam. This was the last time we played it. Thanks to Heinz Wehrle and the Zurich Radio, it was recorded (the night before the peace treaty was signed) in its entirety, and broadcast in Switzerland.

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