Flowers of freedom (a song for Kurdistan)

Pino Libonati
Lingue: Inglese, Francese

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(Kardeş Türküler)
 ئه‌ی رەقیب
Serhildan Jîyan e
(Şivan Perwer)

Flowers of Freedom is a project born with the contribution of various artists, like Claudia Cooper, Cyril McCammon and Pino Libonati. The aim was to realize a song honouring and supporting the Kurdish cause in the world, telling about all the vicissitudes this ancient and wonderful people had and have to suffer.
Toi c'est dans ta vie qui change
c'est dans ton coeur, dans ton ame qui bouge la dance
prend mes reves sous ta peau brulée par le soleil
tiens les dans tes yeux qui n'ont pas u de lumiere
Pas de frontière ni races plus de classes
toi qui a retrouvé courage dans un nouveau voyage
qui a dessiné ton pays et tes gens et tes enfants
dans les couleur et les profonds sillons de ton visage…

We walked through the night
to be proud and to fight the law
we fought and blood and pain again
without finding a bit of peace for our souls
we've been frozen in the darkness
we gave up to believe in dreams
and in any kind of new ideas
for the profit of some insane kings
oh shall we go now
'cause the sun is rising
every time I see it in your eyes
and they look so nice and warm
oh shall we wake now
'cause our life is here
and the dream become more real
and your willness make you feel alive
Cursing all my life
and the fall of the social fights
and the loss of rights
nothing can be lived
nothing loved
as a human being
if your land is not free
Take your love and your friends at your side
to walk are long days and to arrive could be so far
you see your people death and suffering and in your mind is
a reason to fight, to build a future for your child...

C'est la, dans les montagnes du Kurdistan
Que j'ai revé d'une fleure
Et je la porte dans mon coeur...

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