March to Battle (Across the Rio Grande)

The Chieftains
Lingua: Inglese

We are the San Patricios
A brave and gallant band,
There’ll be no white flag flying,
Within this green command;
We are the San Patricios,
We have but one demand,
To see the Yankees safely home,
Across the Rio Grande.

But when at Churubusco,
We fell to Yankee hands,
No court of justice did we have,
In the land of Uncle Sam;
As traitors and deserters all,
We would be shot or hanged,
Far from the green, green shamrock shore,
Across the Rio Grande.

We’ve disappeared from history,
Like footprints in the sand,
But our song is in the tumbleweed,
And our blood is in this land;
But, if in the desert moonlight,
You see a ghostly band,
We’re the men who died for freedom,
Across the Rio Grande.

We are the San Patricios,
A brave and gallant band.

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